Wholesale and Bulk

We specialize in wholesale orders for the retail industry, and offer tailored services to support different store formats. If you’re interested in selling true vino products get in touch with us! You can view our product offerings on this website of course, but we will be happy to send you a catalog as well for easy browsing and product selection. We understand your shelf space is valuable, and in order to encourage you to try our products, we have a ‘no minimums’ policy for all our customers! That means you can actually buy as little as 1 unit of an item, and minimize your investment while ensuring your shelves aren’t over-stacked. It also means you can re-stock our products on a regular basis instead of waiting for a large order requirement.

If you are an eCommerce website interested in listing our products, please contact us as well. We are happy to sell our products through online resellers and marketplaces, and offer customizable business models as per your requirements. For F&B and hospitality customers such as restaurants, bars and hotels, as well as customers looking for gifts for special events and occasions, we offer many of our products with the additional option of ‘brand customization’ to incorporate your logo or message for stronger impact with your intended audience.